Vehicle Interface Daughter Card






Vehicle Interface Daughter Card

The Vehicle Interface Daughter Card can be used as a stand-alone Motorola based microcontroller card or integrated with a DSK system. The card has been designed to the TI daughter card specifications. Capabilities include:

  • Provides an RS-232 connection for LDX communication with the DSP when used with a TI DSK controller.

  • CAN interface to the vehicle. The CAN application has been tested to verify operation and functionality of software drivers. No specific CAN application code has been implemented.

  • SPI Interface for DSK/Daughter Card Communications.

  • In-circuit programming capability using Motorola programming tools.

  • Stand-Alone 12VDC powered operation.

  • The hardware has the capability to take vehicle speed as a discrete signal input. The software and drivers have been tested for this functionality.

  • 8 channel A/D, 10bit

  • 8 channel D/A, 8bit

  • 16  User selectable logic inputs/outputs with 12V interface.

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