Applied Signal Processing, Inc. is a complete signal processing engineering service company located in Madison, Wisconsin. Our engineering activities are typically DSP-based in nature that are compatible with our long-term strategic objectives, either in terms of new products or expertise in new areas.

We have an experienced team of hardware, software, and application engineers. Applied Signal Processing, Inc. specializes in real-time control and analysis of acoustic signals including speech, audio, and active sound and vibration control. Our focus is on delivering creative custom solutions reliably and on-time. Rigorous software development method and the use of version control, server based customer files, tape back-ups and off-site tape storage provide our customers with protection against project disruptions.

We have a strong balance between theoretical and practical application experience. Our experience has led us to the development of many useful signal processing tools. For more information, go to the products page on our website.

Applied Signal Processing, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality DSP software and hardware optimized and tuned for our customer specific needs. These quality products are supported by technical experts in a timely and professional manner.



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