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  Press Release, June 1, 2003

Applied Signal Processing, Inc. obtains Digital Voice Enhancement technology development license from Digisonix

MADISON, Wis., June 1, 2003 — Applied Signal Processing, Inc. announced today that it has acquired a Digital Voice Enhancement™ development license, which will enhance its ability to work with automotive developers who are interested in this technology.

About Digital Voice Enhancement

Digital Voice Enhancement (DVE) technology allows for comfortable and safe conversations in passenger vehicles, even at highway speeds. Real-time software developed by Applied Signal Processing, Inc. (ASP) uses microphones in the vehicle cabin to detect the voice signal. The software enhances the voice signal and removes unwanted noise to create a natural-sounding reproduction of the voice through the vehicle’s audio system.

DVE technology can enhance communication in all passenger vehicles types, but it is especially effective in vans and sport utility vehicles, where there are higher noise levels greater distances between passengers. Luxury vehicles, which use sound absorbing materials to achieve a quieter ride, also benefit from DVE technology because speaking voices are also absorbed. DVE technology also improves external communication by providing a clearer voice signal to a hands-free mobile phone. It also allows all passengers to participate in the hands-free call. This is a great feature for business meetings or family calls.

Volkswagen, a leader in automotive technology, has just introduced the first automotive implementation of this DVE technology in its new T5 EuroVan (see http://www.vwvortex.com/news/01_03/01_29/index.shtml for product announcement).

ASP combines extensive experience in developing digital signal processing (DSP) software for automotive applications with technology provided by the DVE license from Digisonix to create unique prototype systems for its customers. Also, ASP can develop DSP software and hardware for the final production and integration of the product.

About Applied Signal Processing, Inc.

Applied Signal Processing, Inc. has the DSP experience and DVE technology to provide significant value to its clients. ASP was formed in January of 2001 by a group of employees from Digisonix, LLC.

About Digisonix, LLC

Digisonix, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company and operated as part of the Filtration and Acoustics Business Unit of Cummins.

(Digital Voice Enhancement is a trademark of Digisonix, LLC.)



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