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  Press Release, March 31, 2004

Applied Signal Processing, Inc. becomes a partner in The MathWorks Connections Program.

MADISON, Wis.  March 31, 2004—Applied Signal Processing, Inc. (ASP), a complete engineering signal processing  company, announced today that it has become a member of The MathWorks Connections Program. This partnership is based on Applied Signal Processing’s Live Data eXchange (LDX) product, a tool for engineers that creates a seamless communication link between DSP-based products and The MathWorks’ flagship product, MATLAB.

Live Data eXchange™ (LDX) is a tool for engineers who are developing digital signal processing (DSP) applications using Texas Instruments DSP devices and MATLAB. The LDX™ product provides the ability to communicate between the PC and the target DSP device while it is executing without halting the processor. This unique ability is very valuable during the development process. Many ASP customers have their DSP based systems located in the field. LDX™ allows engineers the ability to collect data from their systems in the field easily while avoiding the need for significantly more expensive software and a hardware emulator.

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About Applied Signal Processing, Inc.

Applied Signal Processing, located in Madison, Wisconsin, is a complete engineering service company focused on digital signal processing. Applied Signal Processing is a Texas Instruments, Inc. Third-Party Member, providing creative solutions for a variety of applications in speech, audio, and active control.  In addition to its engineering solutions, the company also offers products such as the Live Data eXchange (LDX), Q-Sense CCS Plug-in, and a suite of TI DSK Daughter Card products to facilitate rapid system development.

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